Assignment Overview:

Week 2 all works


Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, you will drafting a critical document that initiates a project which is the business case. that are often part of initiating a project.  This document provide decision-makers with the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to approve a project or not.

Due Date: By Sunday (end of week) at 11:59pm Eastern (ET)

Learning Connection:

This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

· Preparing or working with a business case

In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence the following skills through completing this assignment:

· Critical thinking

· Professional writing

· Problem solving

· Quantitative analysis

Assignment Instructions:

For this assignment, you be using the attached case study (see attached Case Study) to prepare a business case. A specific template, with instructions have been provided for each of these documents (see attached PJM6000_Wk2_AssignmentTemplate). Here are a few notes on each item:

Case Study:

The case study is fairly straightforward. You are part of a team that is trying to decide whether to use internal or external resources for a training project. As part of this case study, you will be preparing the business case which justifies the creation of the project. All the information you need is within the case study, but you will be required to draw reasonable conclusion from the case study, as every detail is not present. Please pay particular attention to the financial details provided, as well as, the considerations at the end of the case study, as it provides you with some ‘hints’ about how to consider various items. In a case study such as this, there are a range of good answers. So don’t think that you have to select one option or the other. The key is to accurately analyze the case, and then provide a recommendation that is based on evidence you provide within the business case.

Assignment Template:

The assignment template contains various sections and can be leveraged for this assignment.

· Business Case

· The business case has eight sections that lead you through an analysis of the case study. Instructions are provided within each section, along with sample questions, which act as prompts. The key to doing a good business case is drawing logical conclusions from the information provided. Take the time to read the case study carefully, allowing for reasonable assumptions on your part to complete the business case template. If this is your first time completing something of this nature, make sure to allow yourself sufficient time.

Below are some key guidelines you will want to ensure you follow in writing the paper. Think of this short list as a quality control checklist, along with the attached grading rubric.

· Each section of template is fully completed

· Calculation supporting conclusions are performed accurately, making use of the financial background data provided

· A clear recommendation is made and supported as part of the business case

· Paper is free of grammatical errors

· Paper is submitted by DUE DATE using the Week 2 Assignment link below these instructions.

· The blue text has been replaced with content; the entire document is formatted in times new roman font, size 12, black ink. There are no blank spaces in any of the tables.

Overall, ask yourself this question before submitting your assignment: would you turn this document in to your boss or project sponsor? This document is often the first written work your sponsor/boss will see from you for this project. Make a professional, good first impression with your written work – it’ll make your life easier when you run projects in the real world (and also earn a higher grade…)

Please be sure to review the attached rubric that I will be using to grade the assignment. It along with these assignment instructions will ensure you have a solid understanding of the assignment requirements.

My writing:

Business Case

Project Name: Start the Training

1.0 Background & Business Problem
The Ms. Deidre Jackson is the CEO of Acme Company and has pulished as the professional in recent magazine. The report mentioned that the poorly managed projects have the $122 million wastage for the $1billion spent. The CEO is thinking about the savings from project and investing them in the coming years. The Xin Xue has the internal project management techniques and can resolves issues through effective resources management and ideas. The Jackson is in need of the business case development that will cut cost from current practices and invest in the training of the employees for long run business valuation.
2.0 Strategic Case
The business is aimed at the effective management of the resources and cutting down the expenses. The role of the employees will be enhancing for the future time period. The savings are expected at the 3% in first years with the second year expectation of 4.5%. The concept of the internal resources management is highly effective as the well managed internal resources can lead to the maximum output for the business. The business can also be able to invest in the human resources pool for their more rate of return as mentioned currently 11.5% to 12%.
3.0 Project Overview
Scope: The project will be encompassing the trainings, the internal resources required for the trainings such as the tools, the IT infrastructure as well as the changes in project management practices internally. The external resources required at this stage will be encompassing the challenges to be managed as availability of trainers, the cost variation for training and output from this training.Assumptions: The following assumptions are for this project,1. 6% Discount rate2. 11.5% to 12% rate of return3. 3% savings in the year 1Constraints:1. There will be no addition in the team for training.2. No cost variation for the training tools3. No new projects and no variation in the current cost of project.
4.0 Expected Benefits
The expected benefits for the project are enhancing performance of the team after training, the changes in the project management skills as well as the technical information communication. The team will be able to drive the financial benefits for business. The cost cutting will also be possible by the team. Resource allocation will be logical. The internal and external resources will be managed. Project will be chained in comprehensive way.
5.0 Financial Considerations
The Year is one whereas the cash flow is 175000 with the discount rate of 6%. The net present value will be 165094 dollars.
6.0 Risks
The possible risks associated with these projects are encompassing the team mismanagement, natural calamities linked to the delay in the team training, availability of resources not ensured as well as the lack of gap meeting that is expected from the team. The business will not be able to achieve the goal as mentioned.
7.0 Timeline
TaskQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4Resources assessmentTraining startCompletion and reviewFeedback and updates
8.0 Recommendations and Next Steps
As per the analysis, there is need for further assessment of the training plans available in market. The team must be assessed for the need of trainings to provide resources as per the need. The nature of training and available budget will be easier to be managed in financial perspectives.

Feedback: 50/100

Overall, you’ve got content listed in each of the sections. However, the content was rather challenging for me to read through and/or vastly incorrect. We want you to be successful in this program and are here for you. As mentioned in the videos and syllabus, I’d be more than happy to look at a draft of your work to help you improve – but I need that by Friday at noon so I can look at it and give feedback, so that you can hopefully raise your score before you submit your final papers. Please let me know how I can help going forward, 

Week 2 discussion instruction:

In this week’s readings and course materials, we have focused on project initiation processes, and we have specifically talked about where projects come from and how they may be generated. Answer the following 2 questions in your initial posting:

1. Thinking of either the organization you work within or an organization that you hope to work within someday, I want you to identify at least four sources of projects.  Select at least one internal driver of a project and at least one driver of a project from an external source.

2. In addition to identifying these four sources, provide an overview of the path these ideas may take until they arrive as being chartered projects assigned to a project managers.  What type of evaluation or pre-assessment may be taking place?  Provide some insight into who are the major stakeholders and influencers as these ideas transition into actual projects.

Please note:  I expect a minimum of 2 -3 paragraphs for your initial post complete with external references. Be sure to use proper APA formatting. Your response postings are expected to be at least a full paragraph using cited material. 

My writing:

1. Thinking of either the organization you work within or an organization that you hope to work within someday, I want you to identify at least four sources of projects. Select at least one internal driver of a project and at least one driver of a project from an external source.

            I will work with a marketing organization in future time period. I will be joining a marketing research organization which will work for projects of advertisement and data collection of trends in consumer preferences. In that organization there will be definitely a list of the internal and external level of the sources. External data sources for this task will be encompassing the 1) dealers, 2) consumers and 3) salesman. The  driver for the external source  for project is consumers’ wants and needs (Chand, 2019). It is need of hour always for marketing teams to keep in mind the needs of consumers.

            The information for the internal project sources can be stated as mainly coming from are 1) finance, 2) data trends, 3) customer engagement and 4) resources (Hylbak, 2014). As marketing firm will be based upon data as main cause, the  driver for internal sources  will be data trends. For that purpose the organizations must be using the CRM software for connecting with the customers and helping them in-time.   

2. In addition to identifying these four sources, provide an overview of the path these ideas may take until they arrive as being chartered projects assigned to a project managers.  What type of evaluation or pre-assessment may be taking place?  Provide some insight into who are the major stakeholders and influencers as these ideas transition into actual projects.

            Project chartering encompass the reasons of project, constraints an objectives, main stakeholders, risks identified, project benefits and the general budget’ overview. In marketing projects for customer database development and providing advertisement services to different clients, the company will first of all understand the objectives and goals. The goal will be arriving at stakeholder wealth maximization point. The objectives will be achieving best database carrying organization with high ranked research and development department. The project organization will target all major brands working internationally. The implementation planning will be managed next with a continuous check and balance (Wrike, 2019). The problem areas will be highlighted such as database issues from firewall and networking threats. Shareholders for this project will be consumers, marketing team, marketing practitioners, marketing research and development as well as employees of organization. They will be affected by the changes in system of consumer wants, preferences as well as failure from organization.       


Chand, S. (2019). Sources of Marketing Research: (A) Internal, (B) External Sources of Marketing Research.   Retrieved from

Hylbak, L. (2014). 4 Sources of Internal Data That Should Inform Your Marketing Strategy.   Retrieved from

Wrike. (2019). What is a Project Charter in Project Management?   Retrieved from

Grade: 10/10