Assignment Overview:

Week 3 all works:

Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, you will drafting a project charter with a scope statement using the case study that was introduced in Week Two.  Use the charter document template provided above.

Due Date: By Sunday (end of week) at 11:59pm Eastern (ET)

Learning Connection:

This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

Using real world examples of projects, demonstrate an ability to manage critical components of the Initiating process group by:

a. Creating a project charter document

b. Preparing a scope statement

c.  Evaluating why a project charter document would be critical to the project’s success 

In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence the following skills through completing this assignment:

· Critical thinking

· Professional writing

· Problem solving

Assignment Instructions:

For this assignment, you will be using the case study introduced in Week Two to prepare a project charter inclusive of a scope statement. Specific templates with instructions have been provided for the charter and scope.  It is important to note that many organizations have their own templates they utilize to draft a Project Charter, but this one contains common fields you may encounter. Here are a few notes on each element of the assignment:

The case study is a continuation of the case study discussed in Week Two.

You are still part of a team who is executing a training project for your organization.  The submission link is below this item.

Project Charter:

· At this point, we are performing a comprehensive preparation of a charter document inclusive of the scope statement, so remember that there will be many facets to this document that serves as a formal initiation artifact once approved by the sponsor. For this document, focus on those items specifically mentioned or directly implied in the case study, but consider other factors that may not be listed.  You can research common training programs and add additional categories. You will have to make some reasonable assumptions to complete the analysis, but this is often the case this early in a project.

· Ensure you complete the template fully for each section and that you include detailed information.

· Please also include a one to two page written introduction (double spaced, times new roman size 12 font) that summarized the process you utilized to prepare the charter and scope statement. 

3. There is a section at the beginning of the template for your introduction. 

3. Stronger submissions (and higher grades) have citations/references here…show your critical thinking…

3. Be sure to replace all blue text with content as indicated.

3. Be sure that the final document is to a level of quality that you would present to your boss and/or your project sponsor. Check the formatting, ensure all text is in black ink, times new roman font throughout, and no blank/empty rows in tables.

. Cite all sources using APA format; be sure to include the references in the References section at the end of the template.

Additional (optional) resources – these may be helpful when you create your project charter for the assignment this week. Again, do not copy and paste directly from these sources. That’s considered plagiarism and a serious violation of the academic integrity policy. Instead, use the resources here as inspiration for you to create your project charter.


Examples of risks for consideration in Project Charter:

Examples of communications for consideration in a Project Charter:

Examples of full/complete Project Charters:  (Can give you insights on what to include in your filled out template for the assignment)

my writing:

project name: Training Programs for Project Management


This part of the study is linked with the development of charter for a case study as discussed in last week. The case is working on the management of resources and needs assessment for training. The resource’s organization is linked with the communication methods and resources. The project is also to be less loss causing and cost effective in this procedure. The profit is analyzed for next two years whereas there is probability existing for difference in profitability. The charter development process is basically including the major resources and responsibilities of team to be included in project.

Charter can be stated as a step by step processing to define roles and responsibilities of team, communication methods, tools to be used in process of project implementation leading to winding up of project. The first crucial point in charter development is objective identification and designing the goal of project. The scope highlights that there are various major stakeholders who will have strong effects by this. The next stage is phases and deliverables. The assumptions are mentioned to be kept in mind for next phases after this. The last one is limitations those are major problems and will be eradicated for the similar next level procedure of project of training.

After that there is timeline development and signing off. The job titles, roles and responsibilities are mentioned in key point form. Communication can ensure the right message delivery to the right person in right time that is deemed as major point and detailed in the next stage of communication plan. Certain risks can be mitigated through such strategies. The charter communication and risk assessment will eradicate the major risks.

Executive Summary

This project is based upon the training initiative of project management through profitability and viability. The project is aimed at resources management and cost effectiveness. The project will affect internally in regard of HRM and profit assurance whereas at external level, they are including maximization of stakeholder’s wealth. The planning at the initiation step is possible through scope defining and charter development, leading to the business value gain at organizational level (Heldman, 2018). The customers can achieve the high skills based staff through 8-10 weeks of the training. It will add practical and classroom based mentorship. The total cost of the project will be $175000. The major assumptions for this project are financial support, less costs, and required level training. The risks can be stated as inadequate IT tools, change aversion, lack of interest by team etc.


The goal of this project is supporting for the resources utilization and cost effective training. This business is mostly in need for the savings and sustainable profitability. It will also be achieved via charter development.


Following objectives will be used to arrive at goal.

1. The $175000 is available to invest.

2. Planning at Initial level

3. Budgeted saving and business value gain


Work IncludesWork does not Include
Assessment of the TrainingIt will not take respondent’s Feedback
Recruiting relevant ExpertsNo utilization of E-Commerce
Budget allocationConsistent methodology changes
Cost effectiveness in entire processChange management and mapping projects

Phases ⁄ Deliverables:

PhaseDescription of PhaseDeliverables
1stIn his stage the first main thing is change introduction in the team, customers etc. The venue for training will be selected along with assessing resources availability.Team professional learning and corporate profitabilityCorporate goodwill
2ndCustomers will be informed about training needs. Profiles of trainers will be checked in this stage for choosing Long run skills implementations will be listed.Team professional learning and corporate profitabilityCorporate goodwill
3rdTraining will be started and go through this stage. Issues in training goal achievement and continuous checking will be performed for positive and negative outcomes.Stakeholder assessment and stakeholder wealth maximizationCorporate profitability
4thThe expected outcomes and effects on profitability will be assessed in last stage for future recommendations.Stakeholder assessment and stakeholder wealth maximizationCorporate profitability


AssumptionRationaleProbability of Assumption being TrueImpact to Project if Assumption is not True
Profit will be same as per expectationThe deviation from the expected level will lead to loss60%There is probability of loss
No changes in demands from stakeholdersStakeholders will be satisfied60%There is probability of loss for stakeholders
Training skills required will be sameMore investment will be required80%Pressure on investment range
No natural calamities100% Focus on the targets80%End of Project will be possible
Business can be operationsProject will be accomplished80%Deviation from training as major need


Risks can be stated as possible changes in the expected situation at internal and external level (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017).

RiskSupporting Detail (Analysis to be continued in Risk Management Plan/ Register)
Project sponsors are not focusedThere will be loss on the project success
IT resources are not availableThere will be less possible opportunities
Project can be obscureThere will be loss on the project success
Issues from Natural calamitiesThere will be Disastrous level effects
Ineffective level of Communication skillsThere will be loss on the project success


Constraints in project management are hurdles those will hinder achievement of goal as per planning (Badewi, 2016).

ConstraintSupporting Detail
Availability of TimeThe profitability and business value demand is more as compared to the available time.
Less Budget availableThe less budget can lead to the issues for project.
Lack of IT toolsThe business value addition needs high level new IT Tools
No Training institute is matching with the training needsThe training institutes are generally performing
Team is not Change accepterThe team will avert the change

Initial Project Sizing

Availability of Budget:

Budget provides ground for management of funds for entire process in a given limit (Fleming & Koppelman, 2016). $300000 is available budget for this project. The range for the budget is ranging from $175000 to $350000. The next level of this project is counted on the NPV as well as cost and benefit analysis for financial measures.

High Level Schedule:
Month 3Month6Month 9Month 12Month 15Month 18Month 21Month 24End
Initial level Planning phase
Start of the project
Middle stage level
End and feedback of project
Winding up phase
Project’s Milestones:

The project has milestone of having business value as planned. The main points will be encompassing the skills assessment and achieving that demanded point. There can be initiation and communication for planning phase, processing and ending phase.

Resource Requirements:

Project resources provide base for achieving as per planning (Heagney, 2016).

Team MemberRoleResponsibility
AliaProject SponsorCharter planning for roles and responsibilities for all project
EranProject LeadContinuous update and check and balance for reporting of project phases
TomTeam personChange management for the project
PommyTeam personTraining step by step assessment
XosyProject managerResources planning

Management Approaches:

Communication TypeStakeholdersFrequencyAgenda/ ContentResponsibleDistribution Media
Email type of formatProject team leader, team sponsor, trainees, Project charter developersDailyAssessment of training achievement of skillsProject SponsorIT resource person
Report type of formatProject team leader, team sponsor, trainees, Project charter developersMonthlyStakeholder maximization of benefitsProject Team2nd tier management (Middle level)
Webinar Meeting type of formatProject team leader, team sponsor, trainees, Project charter developersWeeklyTeam management and process of project communication of successProject Sponsor2nd tier management (Middle level management)
Verbal type of formatProject team leader, team sponsor, trainees, Project charter developersDailyProcess changesProject lead2nd tier management (Middle level management)
Feedback type of formatProject team leader, team sponsor, trainees, Project charter developersMonthlyBusiness value additionProject charter developerAll levels of management


Project SponsorHe will give at startFor services
Project CustomersHe will give at midFor change management
Project SponsorsHe will give at startIn the process of communicationReport and process management

Acceptance Criteria:

Acceptance CriteriaDetailPriorityRequestor
Effective CostThere will be check for the cost in process1Project team
Proper available ResourceLess availability of the resources3Project lead
Availability of TimeIssue in management of Time.2Project sponsor
First preference is QualityQuality will be first prioritization.4Project manager
In-time CompletionMore than one changes in process are expected5Project Team

Impacted ⁄ Interdependent Projects

ProjectInterdependency Relationship
Cost effectiveness from finance departmentCost department will be affected by team’s learning
Marketing techniquesDevelopment of marketing skills
Human resources departmentHR will have more availability of budget for other purposes
Management of Information systemAvailability for investment in financial resources.


Badewi, A. (2016). The impact of project management (PM) and benefits management (BM) practices on project success: Towards developing a project benefits governance framework. International Journal of Project Management, 34(4), 761-778.

Fleming, Q. W., & Koppelman, J. M. (2016). Earned value project management.

Heagney, J. (2016). Fundamentals of project management: Amacom.

Heldman, K. (2018). PMP: project management professional exam study guide: John Wiley & Sons.

Kerzner, H., & Kerzner, H. R. (2017). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling: John Wiley & Sons.

Feedback: 50/100

Overall, the assignment is unfortunately not well done. There are some positive points, such as using references in your definitions of what goes in certain sections – this is very nicely done.

However, you did not use the template which included all the instructions and format for this assignment. So, you were missing quite a bit of material from this assignment that was described in the template. The content was also rather challenging for me to read through. 

As mentioned in comments last week, we really do want you to be successful in this program and are here for you. As mentioned in the announcements, videos and syllabus, I’d be more than happy to look at a draft of your work to help you improve – but I need that by Friday at noon so I can look at it and give feedback, so that you can hopefully raise your score before you submit your final papers. 

I’m concerned for your overall scores in the course thus far, as it will be a bit of a challenge to get a passing score for the course at this point. 

From the rubric:

Topic Content & Focus: 35/65 Personal Competencies: 7/15 Grammar: 5/10 

Formatting: 3/10

Week3 dis instruction:

This week in the course materials, we are covering a number of activities included within the initiation & planning process groups, such as the creation of the project charter and drafting an initial scope statement.

After completing the lecture and course readings for this week and thinking back on your own experiences, answer the following questions:

1. What is the role of the project manager and team for creating the project charter and completing an initial draft of the scope statement?

2. How critical is it for the project manager to be leading the drafting of the charter document?

3. Who should the project manager be working with when creating the charter?  

For items (2) and (3) above, be sure to provide specific information and a well-reasoned rationale for your position. Support your opinion(s) and observation(s) with external resources using proper APA formatting. 

Please note:  I expect a minimum of 1 paragraph per question for your initial post. Your response postings are expected to be at least a full paragraph using cited material. 

My writing:

Project Management Discussion 3

1. What is the role of the project manager and team for creating the project charter and completing an initial draft of the scope statement?

The charter is a document that is issued by sponsors and authorizes the project managers for authority for applying the organizational resources to complete project activities. The project managers are supportive for this phase and scope management as the provide help in the requirement assessment and business needs assessment of projects. The summarized schedules are mentioned hereafter. The assumptions and constraints can then be mentioned to provide detail for what can be achieved and what cannot be achieved(S, 2005). The last one is return on investment based business case. The scope statement mentions that what is crucial and what will be detrimental for the other parties linked to this project.

2. How critical is it for the project manager to be leading the drafting of the charter document?

In case the project manager is chartering the document, the major points to keep in mind are the characteristics of the project charter document those must be fulfilled. The first of all is recognition of the charter for existence of the project. The project charter also appoints the project manager. It provides authority for the resources application. The project objectives are defined by this. It is encompassing the list of major stakeholders. Mainly, it is having one or maximum two pages (Usmani, 2019). This can be created by the project manager. The project sponsor can sign for that.  

3. Who should the project manager be working with when creating the charter? 

The team for the creation of project charter will be project sponsor, project charter organizing authorities, the team that will be affected by this etc (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017).


Kerzner, H., & Kerzner, H. R. (2017). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling: John Wiley & Sons.

S, B. A. (2005). The charter selling your project.   Retrieved from

Usmani, F. (2019). Project Charter – A Document to Formally Authorize the Project.   Retrieved from



Good work and nicely researched.  The initial posting, however, doesn’t quite directly answer the questions. For example, the second question asks about how critical it is for a project manager to be involved in creating the project charter; your response was more on the format and what is included in a project charter.