Exam #2

1.Why unequal treatments exist? Why doctors openly treat patients differently even if patients have the same insurance and the same ability to pay?

A. Because some patients do not know how to use health insurance

B. Because doctors know some patients better

C. Because doctors have cognitive bias

D. Because health insurance companies require doctors to treat patients differently

2.Which of the following is a fundamental cause of (type 2) diabetes?

A. Eating high fat food 

B. Smoking

C. Income

D. All of the above are fundamental causes

3.You are a health policy adviser of the United Nation. If you want to eliminate health disparities of a disease, you should target which kind of cause of the disease?

A. Fundamental cause

B. Proximate cause

C. Biological cause

D. None of the above

4.What is the main reason that high advantage social position is always related to good health throughout the history?

A. Because advantage social position can always help people avoid proximate causes of diseases

B. Because advantage social position can always afford better medications

C. Because advantage social position can always get better health insurance

D. None of the above

5.Which of the following description about income and health is NOT correct?

A. Income is a fundamental cause of disease and illness

B. Now income becomes insignificant in affecting people’s health

C. High income people have lower prevalence of type 2 diabetes

D. Higher income can help people avoid exposure to proximate causes of type 2 diabetes

6. Takes (type 2) diabetes as an example, which of the following factor is considered as a proximate cause?

A. Gender

B. Income

C. High fat foods

D. Geographic location

7. A healthcare system includes three key players. The three key players are:

A. Doctors, Nurses, Patients

B. Insurers, Patients, Providers

C. Doctors, Caregivers, Patients

D. Government, Insurance Company, Doctors

8. Which of the following description about gender disparities in health is CORRECT?

A. Women have higher life expectancy than men

B. Women’s biology is weaker than men

C. Women are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors

D. None of the above

9. Which of the following description about health disparities is CORRECT?

A. Health disparities are NOT preventable

B. Medical advancement can completely, 100% eliminate health disparities

C. Health disparities are due to biological differences.

D. Health disparities disproportionally affect disadvantaged groups

10. Which U.S. state has the lowest life expectancy?

A. Texas

B. Mississippi

C. New York

D. Hawaii

11. David Williams argues that even if blacks and whites have equal socioeconomic status, blacks will not achieve the same good health conditions as whites because

A. Blacks live in area with fewer hospitals

B. Blacks do not trust doctors and the health care systems

C. Blacks and whites differ in their ability to transform socioeconomic resources into good health. Institutional racism matters.

D. Blacks are socialized in ways that they do not know how to interact with the healthcare systems

12. Which theory explain why women and men are socialized differently?

A. Gender socialization theory

B. Gender behavior theory

C. Gender difference theory

D. Gender script theory

13. Dr. Y decides not to provide his patient information of different treatment procedures because, based on the first impression of the patient, Dr. Y feels the patient is not educated so that the patient does not deserve additional information on treatment procedures. This case can be explained by

A. Assessment of social worthiness of the patient

B. Cognitive bias

C. Discrimination toward people with low education

D. None of the above

14. Dr. Y decides not to provide an immigrant patient information of different treatment procedures because Dr. Y strongly believes that immigrants cannot speak English. This case can be explained by

A. Assessment of social worthiness of the patient

B. Cognitive bias 

C. Discrimination toward non-English speakers

D. None of the above

15. The name of the movie we watch is called

A. Unnatural causes

B. Unnatural diseases

C. Unnatural explanations

D. Unnatural cases

16. Research shows that death rates for African Americans have been improved for which of the following


B. Cancer

C. Stroke

D. Diabetes

17. Who argues that the significance of race is waning, and that for African Americans, class (or socioeconomic status) is more important in determining their life chances and health.

A. David Williams

B. John Snow

C. William Julius Wilson

D. None of the above

18. According to the discussion in class, the advancement of medical technology and the development of new drugs will often

A. Have no influence on health disparities

B. Decrease health disparities

C. Completely eliminate health disparities

D. Increase health disparities

19. Which of the following case is an example of health disparities?

A. You find two men on the street. One recently get diagnosed with caner and the other is healthy.

B. You find one men and on women on the street. The man recently get diagnosed with prostate cancer the woman is healthy.

C. You find out that White people on average live longer than African Americans in the United States

D. All of the above are examples of health disparities

20. Which data source provides the most reliable resources to look at health disparities in the United States?

A. Death certificate

B. Hospital record

C. Survey

D. Newspaper