Requirements and Evaluation of Research Paper

Each student in HAS 5125 course will be asked to write a polished original research paper. The research paper will increase the student’s critical perspectives, awareness, and knowledge in a course subject area. Each paper will focus on a specific and narrowly defined topicThe topic could be formulation, implementation, or/and modification phases of any health policy making at federal or state level. Students choose the focus of their papers based on their professional and academic interests within the course’s context. All topics must be approved before writing. Students may consult individually with instructor as they formulate research topics, collect sources, draft their papers, and revise work for final submission.

The paper should demonstrate that the student has read widely and critically in the relevant field. The student has a chance to present his/her point of view through a well-structured and compelling paper while properly citing others’ ideas. The paper’s references section should include at least 5reliable, current, and professional sources.

The paper must be at least 9 pages long including an abstract, with 12pt font double-spaced, and 1 inch margins all around. The paper should adhere to the American Psychological Association style manual, and must be submitted to the Blackboard before the deadline. According to FIU policy, student papers will be checked by the Blackboard plagiarism detection software. Violations of the student code of conduct (plagiarism, cheating) will result in an F being assigned for this course.

Research Paper Rubric

4Exceeds Expectations3Meets Expectations2Approaches Expectations1Does not Meet Expectations
AbstractClearly and sequentially conveys the content of paperGives a general overview of paper topic, but no sequential elaboration of contentsDoes not provide a clear representation of paper contentsNot provided
Topic IntroductionExcellent introduction that addressed purpose, theoretical basis, and significance of the paper topic. The significance of the research paper has been established and grounded in previous knowledge or research.Adequate introduce purpose, and significance of the topic with some weaknesses. The significance of the research has been established.Significant weaknesses in introduction of purpose, significance of the topic.The introduction is unacceptable.
DevelopmentPaper statement or research question addresses a relevant and specific course area and advances a new argument or perspectivePaper statement or research question addresses a relevant and specific course areaPaper statement or research question is overly general but makes an arguable claimPaper statement or research question is not well defined or absent
EvidencePaper statement or research question is thoroughly supported by evidence, examples, observations, and appropriate citationsPaper statement or research question is supported by appropriate citationsPaper statement or research question is supported by some evidence with citationsPaper question is unevenly or illogically supported. citations are inappropriate
Critical ThinkingIntegrates different disciplinary knowledge and includes evidence of reflectionIntegrates multiple viewpoints and compares ideas or perspectivesConsiders multiple viewpoints and ideas tentativelyDoes not consider multiple points of view
DeliveryVery clear and concise flow of ideas. Transitions between ideas enhance the presentation in paragraphs and subsectionsOrder of ideas in paragraphs and subsections is easy to followOrder of ideas in paragraphs is apparent but occasionally difficult to followOrder of ideas in paragraphs is usually difficult to follow
ConclusionsExtends conclusions to address implications and consider ambiguitiesConclusions are logical based on arguments and evidence presentedConclusions only loosely follow from arguments and evidence presentedFails to identify conclusions or conclusions presented are simplistic
Writing StylePaper is coherent, concise and well structured with a clear purpose. Error free (spelling, grammar, typographical errors)Paper is coherent, concise and well structured with a clear purpose and few errors.Paper conveys the main points of the topic but additional polish is needed. Several errorsPaper is incoherent with little structure; difficult to appreciate the content; numerous errors
Citation of sourcesAppropriate citation of sources. Contains 5 or more relevant referencesContains references to at least 5, the majority of which are relevant. A few missing citationsContains references to 5 studies but most are irrelevantDoes not include other studies. Lack of citations
Paper guidelines and APA style (e.g., references, levels of heading, margins)APA guidelines were followedAPA guidelines were followed with a few instances of incorrect formatting and styleAPA guidelines were used but there are several instances of incorrect formatting and style.APA style was not used.