Unit 10 Assignment – Practice Fusion


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Web-Based EHRs

Unit 10 Assignment – Practice Fusion

Course Wrap-up

A Practical Application (Web-based E.H.R.)

As a health information technology professional, it is important that you stay current with all types of software.

An innovative approach for going paperless is the free Web-based EHR.

The Web-based EHR is a practical approach for some facilities and physicians’ offices due to cost and the features. This is just one of the many options available to help providers deliver quality healthcare.

Practice fusion

Go to the following website: http://www.practicefusion.com/

Click on Create your Free E.H.R:

Practice fusion

Practice fusion

You will be sent a verification e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail.

You will be prompted to create a password.

Practice fusion

Practice fusion

Practice fusion

Practice fusion

Getting started: practice fusion?

Click the link above for a Virtual Field Trip!

Practice Fusion TutorialS

Visit the following website to gain access to tutorials on how to navigate Practice Fusion: https://learn.practicefusion.com/

Tutorials are organized by role and/or category. Take a moment to view all the different videos based on your role (office staff, provider, nurse) or by a category (billing, charting, labs, scheduling, etc.).

Practice Fusion Tutorials: https://learn.practicefusion.com/

Benefits: Charting overview

Click the link above for a Virtual Field Trip!

Benefits: Online appointments

Click the link above for a Virtual Field Trip!

Overview: E-Prescribing

Click the link above for a Virtual Field Trip!

Unit 10 Assignment

Write a 2-3 page paper that answers the following questions in paragraph format:

Describe your experience with the Web-based EHR.

What set of standards would apply to the Web-based EHR in acute or ambulatory care settings? Your response should be based on what you know about standards and regulations for EHRs or electronic information systems.

Discuss the possible challenges one would face to convince healthcare providers to use this type of EHR.

What helpful features did you see in the EHR? How could other facilities benefit from these features?

What impressed you about the Web-based EHR?

Web-Based ehr


Everything is setup off-site

Lower start-up cost

Less maintenance of hardware and software

Company owners usually have more resources for security and backup of data


Internet interruptions at the office could prevent you from access EHR

Data being stored off-site with other medical facilities using this web-based EHR

EHR company goes out of business and you lose your data!

Describe your experience with practice fusion

Let’s take a moment and discuss with your classmates your experience setting up your student accounts and using the software.

Unit 10 assignments

Unit 10


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