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1. Why are a defined set of standard precautions used regularly in healthcare settings?

2. What is the role of PPE in standard precautions?

3.  Is there any evidence (within the assigned articles) that describes compliance with use of PPE in healthcare settings? If so, what does the data suggest about PPE compliance? Are there differences between compliance rates in subsets of healthcare workers (doctors vs. nurses)? 

4. What can healthcare organizations do to improve PPE compliance?

5.  What is the proper sequence for putting on PPE?

6. Who was Ignaz Semmelweis?  What was his role in establishment of hand washing as a standard precaution in healthcare settings?

7.  List events that prompt you to wash your hands in your everyday life? What about these events prompts you to remember to wash your hands?

8. List at least two reasons why health care workers don’t wash their hands every time that it is appropriate to do so.

9. Are gel hand sanitizers as effective as soap and water for hand washing?

10.  Describe a proper hand washing routine.