Guidelines for Article Exploration Assignments:


1. 1-inch margins all around (we will measure, YOU must make sure that your printer is printing correctly, this is not my or the grader’s responsibility, it is yours.)

1. Please use MLA formatting for your references.

1. Use a clear, readable, font such as Verdana, Calibri, Tahoma or Arial, etc. Please be consistent and use the same font throughout.

1. Use black text on a white background. Avoid colored backgrounds or text in a color other than black unless you have special permission to use them (for example, if you’re dyslexic).

1. Use 12-point font for the body of your assignment.

1. Use double spacing, only one-line space between paragraphs

1. Left-justify your work (also known as left-aligned).

1. Use bold for headings. Not underlining or italics.

1. You must have 50 FULL lines of text at the minimum and 100 FULL lines of text at the maximum.

1. You must have a(n) Title, Introduction, Thesis Statement, Transitions, Topic Sentences, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion, and References Page(s).

1. As well as a reference page, parenthetical references are required within the text of the paper. The reference page(s) DO NOT count towards your 50-100 FULL lines of text.

1. Graphs and Tables are required for the Article Understanding assignments. These (Graphs and Tables) should each have their own page with a title (on the top of the page) and a description of no less than two sentences (below the table or graph). These pages DO NOT count towards your 50-100 FULL lines of text, and should be located after the conclusion and before the references.

1. All papers should include a header on the front pageThis header DOES NOT count toward your 50-100 FULL lines of text. It should include:

12. Your name

12. Student ID#

12. The Course Number


· You cannot use contractions

· UP TO (no more than) one paragraph (10 lines) may summarize the article(s) itself (themselves).

· Within one of your paragraphs should be sourced material from a group member’s discussion.

· Must have relevant charts/figures/equations.

· Must have reference page (5 references) and in text parenthetical references.

· Must have policy implications or suggestions in the conclusion of the essay.

Your essays should focus on one of the following major topics:


Economic Growth; Unemployment, Inflation; Monetary Policy; or Fiscal Policy.


Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium; Elasticity; Consumer Demand Theory; Theory of Production; Costs of Production; Opportunity Cost; Market Structure; Competition; Game Theory; Labor; Welfare; or Economics of Information.

My Thoughts:

You are writing about an idea in the article (many are listed above), and you are using the article as a baseline reference point for the overarching idea.

What are the policy implications or suggestions of the idea(s) in the article(s)?

Your supporting paragraphs should use your technical knowledge of economics in order to support or refute the original claims of the article, or claims made by your own personal opinions. This means that you have to take some time (space: 1 or 2 sentences) to talk about the theoretical economic model involved (labor market, goods market, AD-AS, etc.).